/ St John's College, Cambridge

From 2010 - 2013 I was employed full time by St John's College, University of Cambridge.

One of my first tasks was to co-ordinate the project to develop, design and launch the College's new website built on the Drupal content management system. I was the key liaison between the College and their web development company, Code Enigma. The new website was launched successfully in 2011 and thereafter I maintained the website, assuming the role of the ongoing Drupal site builder to improve the functionality of the website. I also managed the user database of over 2,000 staff, Fellows, students, applicants and offer holders and maintained microsites containing information pertinent to these groups. The College delegates content creation to a number of web editors, so another of my responsibilities was to ensure the departmental web editors were trained in the use of the content management system.

Alongside the College's main website I was also tasked with creating a number of other web-based systems. One such system was a graduate student application tracker, which allowed applications to be sent on a secure, completely customisable workflow to members across the university to be reviewed.

I still work with the College providing occasional consultancy and development services.