/ SEE: {Sight Enhanced Electronics}

SEE challenges viewers' expectations by reacting to their presence, movements and faces. Given a basic 'artificial personality' people can truly interact with the exhibit as a cycle of action and reaction emerges.

The human face of SEE hides a more sinister facet, however, as 'interactive photography' is used as a tool to address a larger issue. SEE encourages viewers to face the screens directly, allowing a surveillance system to capture and analyse their image.

For a time the full archive of images captured by SEE was available online, to be browsed by the general population. The gallery of images also shows how the installation encouraged visitors to become 'actors' - making faces or deliberately trying to get themselves noticed by the system.

SEE also captured the face of my bride-to-be - before I even met her. Creepy eh?

SEE - Sight Enhanced Electronics (2010) [HD]