/ Lady Margaret Boat Club

In 2011 I was approached by the Lady Margaret Boat Club to refresh their online presence.

At this time the custom CMS used by the boat club had fallen apart at the seams and required a quick-fix to bring their site back online. Following this I worked with the club to establish a plan to migrate their content into a new platform. Drupal was chosen as the new content management system because it allows for the flexibility and custom functionality which the boat club asked for, whilst being easier to maintain and extend by the student committee members who run the website.

A complete redesign was also required, and this opportunity was taken to echo the visual style of their parent College.

The project also involved rewriting two custom modules for Drupal 7, one to show the live status of the river and one to show the day's hours of sunlight. These have since been released back to the community for other sites to use.